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PICMG 1.3 14-Slot Backplane with 5X PCIE X4 • Comark Supports 1 PICMG 1.3 CPU card slot, 5 PCIe x4 slots, 1 PCIe x16 slot, and 7 32bit/33MHz PCI slots; 1 x PICMG 1.3; 1 x PCIe x16; 5 x PCIe x4; 7 PCI 32bit/ 33Mhz ... cPCI Serial Backplane, 3U, 9 Slot, System slot left - Backplanes ...

What is a Backplane? (with picture) - wisegeek.com The backplane is a printed circuit board used in computers for implementing multiple in-line circuit boards called daughter boards. On the backplane, rows of slots for the daughter boards are linked by a bus. Each pin in a slot is matched via the bus with the corresponding pin in the next slot over, and so on across the board. What is a Backplane? - Computer Hope Backplane. The backplane is a printed circuit board containing connections (slots) for expansion boards and allows for communication between all connected boards. An example of a backplane used with earlier computers was the NLX form factor, which had connections for expansion cards and a motherboard. What is BACKPLANE? WHat does BACKPLANE mean ... - YouTube In addition, there are bus expansion cables which will extend a computer bus to an external backplane, usually located in an enclosure, to provide more or different slots than the host computer ...

Rackmount, PICMG 1.0, 14-Slot Backplane, 4 PCI, 9 ISA, Single Segment.

Backplane VME-J1 | Backplanes - wiener-d.com The backplane is actively terminated and provides automatic daisy chain either actively or mechanically (in connector, on request). The extended power layers and special current rails permit highest power distribution. The 21 slot monolithic J1 backplane has more than 150A current capability on 5V, which corresponds to 7.5A per slot (at 70°C). 'Basic Design Considerations for Backplanes' - TI.com Basic Design Considerations for Backplanes 3 Introduction Since the beginning, most equipment makers have used parallel-backplane architectures to deliver large amounts of data across one shared bus. The parallel backplane provides a physical and electrical interconnect between various modules in a system. Each module in the backplane VME J1, VME J2 Backplanes, 3U | Vector Electronics The interrupt acknowledge and bus grant daisy chain signals must be jumpered on this backplane when a slot is not occupied, and if there are boards further down (towards RIGHT) the backplane. 13 Slot PICMG 1.3 Full Size Backplane - BPFAB114

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Family: Backplane Product Number: TCS-027-01509 Brand: Comark Title: Backplane with 4 16bit ISA Slots Description: Backplane with 4 16bit ISA Slots Features: RoHS Compliant 4 slot Backplane Backplane Design | Atrenne, a Celestica Company Modified COTS Development Backplane Solutions. Modified COTS backplanes are a derivative of a COTS backplane design described above. This type of backplane is intended for benign and/or lab environments; these can be OpenVPX, VITA67 OpenVPX, VXS, VME64x, cPCI, or hybrids, and may also be 3U/6U hybrids and/ or mixed pitch. Rugged Backplane Solutions Backplanes - 14 and 20 slot backplanes for industrial systems ... 12-Slot Active Backplane. PICMG 1.3, 2x PCIe, 9x PCI slots. 4 USB and 2x SATA. American Portwell PBPE-12A9. S-100 Backplane V4 - 9-slot - start [RetroBrew Computers Wiki]

The PACSystems* RX3i Universal Backplanes provide a dual-bus backplane that ... The 16-slot Universal Backplane (IC695CHS016), and the 12-slot Universal.

Backplane Products High-speed solutions with superior signal integrity Molex offers a variety of backplane/midplane solutions to meet the demand for increased network bandwidth and advanced technology.

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backplane motherboard | eBay Mitac MBP-PCI14R-ATX Motherboard / Backplane for Industrial Computers 14 Slot See more like this SPONSORED PHPE ASSY 3840 BACKPLANE, PHPE/4A, 3C0501G04A/001, 96250320 REV.1 Backplane / Micro Backplane Connectors and Systems | Samtec Backplane / Micro Backplane . ExaMAX® high-speed backplane system for 28 Gbps performance, and micro backplane solutions including edge card sockets, high-density arrays, integral ground planes and rugged Edge Rate® interconnects. 7000 Series - Backplanes - Nova Integration A variety of bus-based high slot-count backplane configurations can be supplied ranging from PICMG PC-based passive backplanes to any VITA compliant VITA 64x platform to include cPCI, VME, VME64, VXS and VPX. Standard low-noise industrial and MIL-grade backplanes are used.

13 Slot PICMG 1.0 Full Size Backplane - bsicomputer.com Broadax Systems offers various kinds of PICMG 1.0 13 slot backplane for legacy industrial computing platforms. BSI's backplanes provide not only the highest compatility with power supply unit but also the best choice of slot expansion. PICMG Backplane - enoch.systems